The REAL Reason Your Texts Aren't Converting (and How to Fix It)

SMS is a great channel to nurture leads, but are you leaving the real benefits on the table by using old school methods and one-way text notifications?

It's no secret that SMS is your customer's preferred method of communication. 90% of text messages are read within the first 5 minutes. So why are your SMS efforts not drastically moving the needle to reduce overall acquisition cost and convert more leads later in the funnel?

If you're sending manual, one-to-one texts to customers, chances are you're spending a lot of your time managing your inbox for little payoff. Leads can drop off or get lost, and consistent nurturing takes time away from the ready-to-close leads. Manual texts can't scale.

To speed up the process, many sales teams use traditional one-way platforms to send automated text messages. Set up a workflow and blast out a text to anyone who enters the funnel or put them in to a drip campaign with a link attached. The problem with one-way texts is that they force a customer to another channel like a website, email or phone call to complete the process. Or worse, they aren't setup to handle any questions or requests a customer has in response. There is a lot of room for drop in an already complex sales process, and there is no value in this text message for the customer. One-way texts don't convert. So how can you fix it?

Stop sending one-way texts, start having automated two-way conversations.

Automated One-Way Texting Vs Two-Way

Automated two-way texting enables businesses to have a conversation with  customers that they can reply to. In an automated conversation (between a customer and a robot) they can text back complete tasks, like pre-qualifying for a service,  receiving a quote, or expressing interest in a timely offer, directly inline. This strategy makes text messages instantly valuable for your customer, and gives you the information you want at the same time: are they still interested or not.

Set it, forget it and scale it

By using automated two-way texting to re-engage leads at various points in the funnel, you can nurture them on autopilot for days or even months. Your texting robot will nurture customers in your pipeline and follow up until they're ready to take the next steps, and your sales team can focus on the highly qualified, hot leads. The process is fully autonomous, and the robot can send the details to your CRM so you know exactly where your customers are in the process and when they're ready to act.

We know that speed is important when it comes to successful customer acquisition and nurturing strategies, but knowing which leads are interested and ready to move can be a guessing game. New opportunities are lost, and qualified leads become cold while they wait to be contacted. Using the data you already have, you can programmatically trigger texts to leads with new offers at the exact right time. This optimizes your re-engagements for real results.

Automated two-way texting scales AND converts. 

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Hillary Black

Hillary Black

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