New Mav One-Click Integrations

We're always trying to make it even easier and more enjoyable for our customers to scale their sales with Mav and automated texting. In addition to our Zapier App and API, we've now added official support with one-click integrations to some of your favorite sales tools.

Official Slack Integration

It's time to welcome Mav to your Slack! With our one-click Slack Integration, customers can post real-time activity to a Slack channel to keep their sales team in the loop on what Mav is doing. Details to configure yours here.

Mav Slack Integration

Official Salesforce and Hubspot Integrations

You can now integrate your Salesforce and Hubspot directly with Mav, and trigger Playbooks to run on Lead or Contact Objects. This allows you to manually select a Playbook to run from the Mav dropdown, or automate it with Hubspot Automations and Salesforce Process Builder. All activity will post back to your CRM 😎 More details here.

Mav CRM integrations

We'll be continuing to roll out support for other CRMs throughout the year, and creative ways to enhance your Mav experience with Slack and Zaps. Stay tuned 🚀

Matthew Black

Matthew Black

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