How to Use Automated Texting to Bring Cold Leads Back to Life

Did you know 80% of sales require FIVE follow-ups after the initial contact, yet 44% of sales reps give up after only one attempt? Automated texting can put your follow ups on autopilot and help you convert more cold leads faster. We get it...Following up sucks. It's repetitive, time consuming, and honestly, it can feel like you're harassing your prospects. Are they even still interested? Maybe you've been handed a cold list of leads to start calling, knowing the majority will send you to voicemail or not even remember why they were interested in the first place. What's the point?

Your sales team spends a significant amount of their time working leads consistently (for days, weeks, even months) which requires a lot of manual work and wasted time. Less than 5% of voicemails are responded to, which means you might have to leave 20 voicemails before you get a response. You continue to follow up with them on their terms, remember to contact them next Tuesday, 34 days from now, and they still ghost you 👻.

Automated texting changes all of this. Here's how...

Text vs Voicemail

Using an automated texting robot, you can send personalized text messages to all of your cold leads and find out if they're still interested. You can even take it one step further and find the right time to connect. The process is fully autonomous, so you don't have to spend any of your time managing it or sending texts, and your robot can have thousands of conversations at once. Turn your traditional follow up process into a fresh, new experience with automated texting that you AND your prospects prefer.

So, how exactly do you bring cold leads back to life? 🥶

First, send a text they can reply to.

Users can't text back to the one-way SMS broadcasts or a call-to-action outside of the conversation you might be familiar with (like a link or "call me"). When you send an automated two-way text a user can reply to, it's instantly valuable. Unlock the user's ability to complete actions right in the conversation, and get the information you want: are they still interested or not.

Then, follow these steps to re-engage your leads.

Ask an actionable question to find out if they're interested

An interested lead may have sent you to voicemail because it's just not a good time for them to talk. Texting allows customers to reply when it's more convenient for them, and when you use an automated robot, it will continue the conversation 24/7.

Providing the context of why you are following up (a specific offer or product value) and asking a quick yes or no "are you still interested?" is the fastest way to get a response - in fact, the average person responds to a text message in 90 seconds. We've even seen this strategy work (and convert) with leads that were two years old.


Find the right time to connect

Again, sometimes life gets in the way. If the service your providing must be done over the phone, finding a better time to connect with your lead, and going as far as confirming that time again on the same day is the best way to ensure a conversion. The best way to do this over text is to make it as easy as possible for them to reply with a single letter.

If you were doing this process manually, that's a lot of following up. A robot can ask the right time, wait for a response, instantly confirm, and continue to follow up when the time comes. With Mav, your robot is also able to understand the difference between "tomorrow," "Tuesday," and "next Friday" using NLP. When the day and time is confirmed, you'll get an email or a text alerting you that the lead is ready to be contacted. 

follow up

Follow up if you don't hear back, for as long as it takes

Robots never forget to follow up. Since SMS is a persistently open channel, you can continue to re-engage a lead for days, weeks, even months, and pick up the same conversation right where it left off without forgetting anything.

Similar to the first outreach, the best way to re-engage a lead over text message is to remind them what's waiting for them and encourage them to act.

Rinse & repeat

Now that your texting robot is ready to work, you can sit back and let it manage all of your follow ups! Add leads to your queue and no matter where they are in the process, your robot will keep things moving and only alert you when a cold lead is ready to move forward. 

Ready to start turning your cold leads into hot prospects? Mav can help.

If you're ready to start following up, Mav is ready to work for you. Mav is the automated, two-way texting robot that has conversations with your leads and customers.

Qualify leads, re-engaging existing customers with new offers and following up with leads who drop off with fully autonomous conversations. Send personalized text messages at scale, follow up consistently and integrate with CRMs and 100s of other platforms 🔥 

Hillary Black

Hillary Black

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