How Mav Automates Your Sales

As your automated digital assistant, Mav works 24/7 to scale your sales. Whether you want to introduce your sales reps, schedule meetings, qualify prospects, or follow up with leads, Mav is on it. But how exactly does Mav work?

How mav works

To put it simply, Mav automates the steps and connects the dots in between the acquisition and outcome of your sales funnel. The process can be broken down into three steps.

1. You insert your leads into Mav

Mav supports direct lead imports, Zapier integrations and APIs as a way to connect your leads. You can even go one step further and integrate Mav directly into your CRM. When you do this, Mav is able to start and stop texting based on programmatic triggers from different actions or status updates in your CRM. You can also acquire new leads through advertising channels and have Mav hand them off to you once they meet your criteria. No matter how you insert your leads, Mav will get to work right away - or as soon as the Smart Texting Window opens. That’s right, Mav knows when is the best time to start texting your leads based on when they are most likely available and able to respond.

2. Mav starts a real-time conversation

In an engaging, two-way conversation, Mav collects the necessary information from your leads and move them through your funnel. Unlike SMS blasts, Mav can reach outcomes directly in the conversation, and provides your leads with real value, like finding out if they qualify for a service, get introduced to the right sales rep, scheduling a meeting at their convenience (and rescheduling, too), and more.

Mav Real Time Conversation

3. Mav generates real outcomes

Mav’s goal is to accomplish yours. Whether it’s qualified leads, booked appointments, rescheduled demos or anything else your sales team is working on. No matter how long it takes, Mav will continue to nurture your lead to reach the outcome and let you know as soon as that happens.

Let's look at a few of the things Mav automates

  • Lead Introduction

    Once a lead comes in, Mav instantly sends a text, introduces and delivers the contact card of your sales rep. Your leads will know who will be calling them and can request an earlier call back time, so a rep can prioritize them as a hotter lead. See your lead-to-contact rates increase, and generate more sales calls.

  • Lead Qualification

    Instead of filling out a lengthy website form, leads can text back and forth with Mav to get qualified for your offering. Whether they text Mav first or Mav texts them, we ensure the conversation is TCPA compliant, and Mav will nurture the leads with Smart Re-Engagements until they complete the process. Throughout the conversation, Mav collects the necessary qualifying information, and will notify your sales reps when they’re ready to take the next steps, with qualified leads (and their information) delivered right to your CRM.

  • Lead Follow Up

    Most leads need to be followed up with before they’re ready to move forward (in fact, 80% of sales require five follow ups!) Instead of chasing them down, schedule persistent follow ups with Mav. Mav follows up with leads for as long as it takes to find a true lead outcome and identify the next step. In an automated two-way conversation, Mav will follow up with the lead on their preferred date, confirm they’re still interested, and can schedule a new time to chat with a sales rep. If they still aren’t ready, Mav will continue to follow up on a regular basis to keep your business top of mind.

Does Mav really work?

Mav’s results don’t lie. Here’s a few real examples from our customers:

Mav 1800 Lawfirm

1-800-LAWFIRM has mastered their lead acquisition strategy with digital and TV commercials, but they often generated more interest than their reps could handle, resulting in uncontacted leads, and a lot of manual time wasted talking to leads that ended up being unqualified. With Mav as the first line of communication between their ads and their reps, they could quickly identify, qualify and engage leads that could benefit from their service, and free up their reps to talk with qualified leads who needed their help the most. Plus, with the persistent nature of SMS, Mav automatically follows up until the lead is qualified (or unqualified) over the course of days, weeks or months. This drastically improved their MQL -> SQL rate. Mav delivered qualified leads worth 8x their cost, and gave 1-800-LAWFIRM an 11.7x return on their investment.

Mav Case Study: Recovering Legacy Leads

Before Mav, HomeBay Financial had hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars rotting away from cold leads who had requested a follow up but were never contacted. They had tried automated emails, outbound phone calls and manual texts from their Loan Officers, but all were unsuccessful. After a lead import, Mav got to work re-engaging these leads, re-introducing the brand and finding out if they were still interested with. By leveraging the automated nature of Mav, these leads were more willing to share their current interest. On average, the previously unreachable leads responded in 5 minutes. In the first week, Mav recovered 30 leads, resulting in a 2.5x ROI.

With a digital assistant like Mav, you can take advantage of all of the ways automated texting can scale your sales, and start seeing growth at all stages of your funnel. Ready to try Mav for yourself?

Hillary Black

Hillary Black

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